Cultural Landscape Atlas

We seek to create resources that will increase public appreciation of cultural landscapes as complex records of past values and actions, and to improve professional capacity to imagine alternative futures  for those cultural landscapes. So often cultural landscape work is project based, and focused on endangered sites. We desire to work proactively and creatively, explaining through text, maps, photos, diagrams, plans, and section-perspectives the relational nature of bio-physical systems, extraction industries such as agriculture and mining, demographic shifts, and settlement patterns. We think that a cultural landscape approach requires a careful inventory and assessment prior to the need to change, or to evaluate change, as development processes are fast-paced and often at odds with the process of research, documentation, assessment and interpretation. The atlases will afford us an exciting laboratory for long-term study and engagement with compelling cultural landscapes and their communities. The first atlases will focus on two cultural landscapes in Virginia, but a major concern of ours is to develop a series of comparative atlases examining similar cultural landscapes in different regions and countries.