The CCL research database provides easy access to a rich archive of primary source material, maps, documents, photographs, reports, and studio work related to specific Central Virginia sites and beyond from students and faculty at the University of Virginia School of Architecture.

The Sara Shallenberger Brown Cultural Landscapes & Sites Initiative supports events and an annual symposium to raise awareness about issues in cultural landscape scholarship and practice. The inaugural symposium in March 2017 was Race & Public Space: Commemorative Practices in the American South

CCL is a partner of The Cultural Landscape Foundation on this searchable, easy-to-navigate database whose purpose is to raise public awareness of the rich diversity of our shared designed landscape heritage.

Reinterpreting the Pollock’s Branch Watershed is an interdisciplinary mapping project undertaken by the CCL and led by faculty in the School of Architecture and the Department of Drama. 

Morven Farm is rapidly becoming UVA's locus for environmental research on Virginia agriculture. Projects at Morven focus on the history of agricultural practices and soil health, invasive species, and modern methods of regenerative agriculture.

The CCL is a proud partner of the Virginia Food Heritage Project, a project of the University of Virginia that connects people of all ages to food heritage for the purpose of collecting, preserving and documenting knowledge of our fading past and evolving food heritage. 

We seek to create resources that will increase public appreciation of cultural landscapes as complex records of past values and actions, and to improve professional capacity to imagine alternative futures  for those cultural landscapes. So often cultural landscape work is project based, and focused on endangered sites.