US/ICOMOS Cultural Landscapes Updates

·  New US/ICOMOS Cultural Landscape Web Page: The new US/ICOMOS website has been launched and it features a knowledge exchange page devoted to cultural landscape practice. This is a great place for updates on Knowledge Exchange: Cultural Landscapes (KE: CL) and many other projects of interest to the cultural landscape community. With funding support from the NPS and other foundations, KE: CL will develop a series of tools to provide a two way exchange of cultural landscapes knowledge and practices to US preservationists and cultural resource managers and to our international practitioners.

·  US World Heritage Gap Study: From August  to December 2015, US/ICOMOS undertook a US World Heritage Gap Study. This project included an online survey to gather quantitative data and six curated online discussions of a qualitative nature regarding themes in US heritage resources that could address identified gaps in the World Heritage List and inform the development of the 2016 US World Heritage Tentative List. Many thanks to the more than 1,000 architects, historians, archaeologists, site managers, ethnographers, Tribal Historic Preservation Officers, State Historic Preservation Officers and their expert staff, and other professionals and experts were invited to participate in these online expert consultations.